The 2016-17 project of Agenda 21 aims to go deeply into the progress made during the last years in this field. The plan foresees different performances, inspired by the importance of taking care of our environment. Thus, in addition to our contribution in this field, Jado Ikastetxea wants to plant, among children and young people, the seed of respect and commitment for the environment so that the future will be greener. In order to do this, two of the main objectives of the plan during this year are to promote the involvement of the entire educational community and deepen the development of the local Agenda 21 project.


1. To Increase the participation of the educational community.
2. To maintain and optimize the use of all containers.
3. To improve the local Agenda 21 project.
4. To reduce consumption.
5. To look after the garden.


1. Meetings with parents.
2. To get news related to the environment every month.
3. To take care of  "Txoko Berdea" in Jado Tartanga in the area of children.
4. To develop the workshops organized by the company Tamar.
5. To meet Day of the Fruit.
6. To control the proper use of the recycling containers.
7. To create the Green Patrol to control the use of containers during break time.
8. To do tours with students.
9. To position flanges at the faucets.
10. To reduce the power of the water.
11. To continue filling the class templates.
12. To check the circulars before printing them.
13. To reduce the number of circulars.
14. To promote the use of email to communicate with families.
15. To promote the use of the digital display instead of using so many photocopies.
16. To take care of the  a vegetable garden and to take care of it.


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