The project of Coeducation - Coexistence - Rights of the child 2016-17 aims to the development of positive coexistence in Jado Ikastetxea. From the diagnosis of the school, the plan foresees various actions to improve weaknesses and to strengthen the strong points. To understand the broad scope of this project, the definition of coexistence is very helpful: "Positive coexistence promotes the participation of all members of the educational community. They must remember the rules which govern our relations in society and at the school in order to solve problems and to involve all of us in the project of the center by creating moments and spaces for reflection".


1. To provide more responsibility to the Parents’ Association.
2. To create the Commission of Coexistence.
3. To organize Elkarbizitza Jaia III.
4. Education and help at staff meeting.


1. To prepare the training (two lectures).

2. To invite to take part in the meetings.

3. To manage the participation of families in the activities.

4. To bring together the Commission and nomination of the representatives.

5. To report to the staff meeting on the functioning of the Commission.

6. To manage the participation of families in the activities.

7. To include a link in the Web.

8. To organize a raffle.

9. To reorganize the playground.

10. To review the documentation from the gender perspective.

11. To include activities that promote equality and diversity within the PAT.

12. To deepen the consequences of bullying and sexist cyber bullying in the resolution of conflicts.

13. Education: staff meeting and families.


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