Jado ikastetxea is a concerted center whose assignee is the Erandio Jado Schools Foundation. Following the Marist pedagogical line gives it a unique character in this town. It has two buildings, located on the streets Tartanga and Geltoki.

Families and workers

The majority of students live in Erandio, but there are also others from different municipalities. In total, there are about 700 students. With regard to the workers, 60 professional work within the framework of teaching and in other necessary areas for the activity of the centre.

Educational offer

It is from 1 to 16 years, meaning from Kindergarten to High School.

Linguistic model

Given the sociolinguistic reality of Erandio, Jado Ikastetxea has already implemented the model D in the first three years of the Pre-School Education as a reinforcement of the Basque language.

Other activities

These are organized during after-school hours and in summer, always according to the needs of the students. All of them are taken into account in the course guide.


Our organizational model is based on projects and a set of processes (EFQM model -we obtained the Silver Q in 2013-). Centre’s operations are governed by the IRR (Internal Regime Regulations and manual functions).


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