The 2016-17 project of Orientation foresees actions to offer personalized attention to the students. The orientation team work is essential in teaching, and Jado Ikastetxea considers it of vital importance so that students have the best possible information that can guide their path. As Orientation project includes this year, the advice of this equipment will be directed both to the academic field and the professional field, and it will try to offer educational and appropriate responses to the needs of the students. They might be individual or collective.


1. To accompany, guide and keep track of students, maintaining the educational cooperation with families and teachers to enhance education as personalized as possible.
2. To collaborate in the tutorial action and performances of academic and professional guidance.
3. To promote educational responses adapted to the needs of students, whatever they are individual or collective.
4. To propose and collaborate in the development and implementation projects of Social initiative and keep track of them.


1. To check all activities that are carried out, including their records.
2. To work in the creation of the PAT (Tutorial Action Plan).
3. To deliver materials.
4. To gather information and share it within the team.
5. To pass tests and provide the resources needed at each time.
6. To coordinate actions with those responsible for guidance in different institutions to provide dates and to help coordinators of each cycle.
7. To meet tutors.
8. To develop and review the ICA (Individualized Curriculum Adaptation) and the individual programs.
9. Attention in the support classrooms, speech therapy and psycho-pedagogical care.
10. To pass tests and deliver reports.
11. According to the results of the tests, meet the tutors and students, as well as deliver the leaflets.
12. To pass psycho-pedagogical tests.


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