The 2016-17 project of Linguistic Standardization is designed to promote the use of Basque language within the school and outside. This is our main goal, which is born from our commitment to the Basque language and, therefore, leads us to collaborate with all those groups and institutions working to improve it. For this reason, we have already envisaged our participation this course in activities organized by the municipality of Erandio and other entities to promote the Basque language.


1. To project Jado Ikastetxea´s Basque environment in the village.
2. To create documentation in Basque.
3. To have a tool on Intranet that integrates materials for studying Basque.
4. To promote motivation among all members of the school.
5. To boost the Committee of Basque Language.
6. To constitute the Students Commission to promote the Basque language.
7. To renew the Basque culture in general.
8. To promote the presence of Jadotxo.
9. To promote the outputs and the "barnetegis" to speak in Basque.


1. Basque Week and Day of the Basque, on 3 December.
2. Olentzero.
3. Santa Agueda.
4. Contest of verses and stories of Erandio.
5. Theatre.
6. Kanpomartxo.
7. Sessions of motivation among students and teachers.
8. To create a link for digital resources in Basque in the Intranet.
9. To renew the Students Commission in favour of Basque language.
10. Workshops of tambourine, trikitixa, txalaparta and alboka.
11. Activities within the program “Barnetegi”.
12. Korrika.


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