Aida de los Ríos will study next year in the United States thanks to a grant awarded by the Amancio Ortega Foundation (FAO). This scholarship program aims to facilitate the learning of English and cultural immersion abroad. Thus, Aida will live with a host family and will study the equivalent to the first year of High School. "My mother is always looking for things like it. She saw this scholarship and I was encouraged by her", says this student of Jado. "I'm very happy. When they told me, I was not able to believe it. If I had had to go to Canada, I would have accepted it. But, when I knew that I will go to USA, I became crazy". Aida is going to travel to the United States at the end of July or early August. After this experience, she wants to return to finish the second academic year of the Institute and, afterwards, she wants to study Medicine.



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